ArchMeta is a community platform that offers architects and designers insightful exchange and resources for building virtual spaces.

Founded in 2022 by Aaron Kettl and Nathaniel Hudson as a way to make architecture more environmentally-conscious, ArchMeta is the source for everything from resources to topics, engaging course modules, and much more. It’s where professionals can showcase their expertise and lead their disciplines into a future that’s more sustainable — reimagining how we create the buildings and spaces in our lives both today, and tomorrow.

Founders Story

As professional leaders, board members, and lecturers in both design and architecture, Aaron Kettl and Nathaniel Hudson wanted to answer a critical question:

How can we take action to shift the practice to be better for the planet, and at the same time, bring architecture and design into the era of Web3?

Nate Hudson

Aaron Kettl


Aaron and Nate recalled their late nights during studio hours together at architecture school. The idea of “studio” alludes to passionate conversation, an obsession to detail, quality, and the future. It’s the epicenter of intimate discussion, and it even helped cultivate their own relationship, which spans two decades today.

A space for exchange would usher in the action, excitement, and progress that Aaron, Nate, and the entire profession were long overdue for.

Enter ArchMeta

a community platform that offers architects & designers access to the peers, topics, & resources they need for building virtual spaces within the metaverse.

Aaron and Nathaniel have an established track record of building human-centered experiences.

Nate Hudson

B. Arch

Nathaniel Hudson is an award-winning National Board Member of AIA, and an NCARB-certified, founding principal of his architecture firm, Formgray Studio.

Aaron Kettl

B. Arch
MBA Design Strategy

Aaron Kettl received his BA in architecture, and an MBA in Design Strategy. Aaron is a leader in the product design world with 15 years of experience in building teams for both corporations and large startups.

Together, they founded ArchMeta for students and professionals alike, and to reveal the unlimited potential of what’s ahead for future generations to evolve the discipline of architecture.

ArchMeta Values

ArchMeta is a community first and foremost — and we’re as strong as the values that shape it.

Every topic, exchange, and resource from our community is driven by our core values. Each is at the crux of our commitment to leading architects and designers towards the future of building in the metaverse. Here’s why we (and you) are here.

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Value 1

Planet means protect it.

Let’s draft a better future. Architecture and design are consuming resources at an unsustainable rate. The more we test, think, and talk about ways to build event spaces, offices, and buildings in the metaverse, the better we do for the planet.

Value 2

Education is timeless.

The one, single thing that always holds its value is knowledge. We hold the importance of education close to our hearts, because by teaching one another, we can grow together — it opens doors, inspires thought, and sparks innovation.

Value 3

Broaden the horizon.

As architects and designers, our professional credibility is as strong as the buildings, spaces, and experiences we create. We believe in a democratized field of practice, where opportunities and ideas are accessible for new and growing professionals, not just for the established names.

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning for this community.

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Launch ArchMeta Community Learning Center.


Launch the ArchMeta Grant.


Begin ArchMeta Lecture Series.

More Ahead

We’re just getting started.

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