ArchMeta Mission

To steward real change for the environment

By empowering forward-thinking architects and designers to build virtual spaces that are better for our planet.

ArchMeta Mission

stewarding real change for the environment

By empowering forward-thinking architects and designers to build virtual spaces that are better for our planet.

Discovering the spatial web

The greenest building is one that possesses the utility of space but whose space is NEVER built.

Nate Hudson, AIA

Co-Founder • ArchMeta

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ArchMeta is a community platform that offers architects and designers access to the peers and tools for building in the metaverse’s spatial web — from professional virtual workspaces to event spaces and beyond.

If we begin to design immersive virtual spaces that foster human interaction & also provide meaningful utility, then we create real value for businesses and organizations.

That's why we’ve made it our mission to help the architectural profession learn about metaverse technology helping them change the way we build for a more sustainable future.

Aaron Kettl

Co-Founder • ArchMeta

Architects are presented with unbelievable opportunities through the evolution of Web-3 and immersive virtual & augmented tools. The ease of accessibility to this type of immersive technology is a chance for architects & designers to work in a hybrid pattern blending physically built architecture with that of virtual architecture.

This new model is essential to better address sustainability & ecological resilience issues by reducing the built environment’s negative impact on our planet’s ecosystem & offering new solutions to pressing issues of accessibility, equity, & inclusion.

Nate Hudson, AIA

Co-Founder • ArchMeta

ArchMeta Values

ArchMeta is a community first and foremost — and we’re as strong as the values that shape it.

Every topic, exchange, and resource from our community is driven by our core values. Each is at the crux of our commitment to leading architects and designers towards the future of building in the metaverse. Here’s why we (and you) are here.

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Value 1

Planet means protect it.

Let’s draft a better future. Architecture and design are consuming resources at an unsustainable rate. The more we test, think, and talk about ways to build event spaces, offices, and buildings in the metaverse, the better we do for the planet.

Value 2

Education is timeless.

The one, single thing that always holds its value is knowledge. We hold the importance of education close to our hearts, because by teaching one another, we can grow together — it opens doors, inspires thought, and sparks innovation.

Value 3

Broaden the horizon.

As architects and designers, our professional credibility is as strong as the buildings, spaces, and experiences we create. We believe in a democratized field of practice, where opportunities and ideas are accessible for new and growing professionals, not just for the established names.

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This is just the beginning for this community.

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